A Māori historiography of the wars?

The hangi, photo taken at Oakura, New Plymouth by Bryn Thomas.

As mentioned in previous pages, Māori writers and historians have written on the wars almost since the last shots were fired, in 1872, or even earlier.

You can read about some of the more recent wars Māori historians here – Māori historians. Over the next short while, we’ll be reviewing some of the Māori history wars literature.

The momument to fallen Māori, Moutoa Gardens, Whanganui

This constitutes no small challenge, if we are to include oral and cultural forms of story telling, like waiata, tauparapara and whaikorero, as well as the written/published literature.

We should also include documents written by Māori now to be found in the government archives, like petitions, or submissions to the Native Land Court, thō where these quite sit within an ‘historiography’ is an interesting question.