History, and The Words We Use

A Monument to Māori Moves to change the language on century-old monuments in Whanganui are exciting some Pākehā in Whanganui. Plans to update colonial descriptions of Māori being openly ridiculed in the local press. Words like fanaticism and barbarism are due to be changed. But Pākehā are arguing that they should stay as they are, because Māori really were ‘fanatics’ and they really were ‘barbaric’. Yet, it wasn’t Māori who put these words on the statues. Māori of… Read more »

Reconciliation at Parihaka

On 9 June 2017, the Parihaka community  met with Crown officials to receive a reconciliation apology, and $9m restitution for past Crown actions. Looking back  over the history of Parihaka since the invasion of 1881, this was a truly momentous occasion, as many have rightly said. Enormous credit must go to the Parihaka negotiators and people who made this possible; history was certainly on their side, as it was on the… Read more »

Māori Historians of the Wars

Many historians have written about the New Zealand wars; and most have done a fine job of their research and publications. The New Zealand Wars literature, as a result, is quite extensive. You can read about some of these publications, and how they have contributed to a wars historiography, by clicking here – writing about the wars. However, the number of Māori historians who have written about the wars is quite limited…. Read more »

The Land Wars on Film

There is no doubt true that the movies possess an enormous power to shape historical images, and memories. We see this of course in the USA, where popular perceptions of the West – and how it was won from Native Americans – continue to influence how ordinary American folk see their founding years. We don’t have anything like this in New Zealand, given that our movie industry isn’t as all-encompassing… Read more »

The Changing Land

It can be revealing to compare historic sites, as they once existed, to see how they appear today. This allows us to observe how much the sites have changed, over time – or, how much they remain the same. Landscapes change over time for many reasons, not least which is agricultural development, a real feature of this country’s past of course. # This page illustrates some of the New Zealand Wars sites – then and now…. Read more »

Voting for Māori

Ms Harete Hipango has been selected to run for National in this year’s elections, due to be held in September. Harete will be contesting the General Seat of Whanganui and she will make an awesome MP. She is from Whanganui, and is a prominent local barrister and solicitor. Harete is married to Dean, and they have three grown children. Running for Parliament Māori have had an interesting history in New Zealand, of running for General… Read more »

Washington DC

If you are planning to visit the USA sometime soon, you must visit Washington DC. It’s a busy town right now of course; but, if history and monuments are your thing, then Washington is second to none when it comes to its array of memorials and monuments, to say nothing of its great museums, like the Native American Museum and National Archives. Not all of Washington’s memorials signify past battles, but many do… Read more »