Tutu Te Puehu – New book on the NZ Wars

 A new book on the New Zealand Wars is due to be released soon, in October 2018 : Tutu Te Peuhu, New Perspectives on the New Zealand Wars. The book is edited by noted military historians Dr Ian McGibbon and Dr John Crawford. The book contains 22 chapters written by a wide range of authors and scholars, all well known in the field of New Zealand Wars studies and research. The… Read more »

Reconciliation at Parihaka

On 9 June 2017, the Parihaka community  met with Crown officials to receive a reconciliation apology, and $9m restitution for past Crown actions. Looking back  over the history of Parihaka since the invasion of 1881, this was a truly momentous occasion, as many have rightly said. Enormous credit must go to the Parihaka negotiators and people who made this possible; history was certainly on their side, as it was on the… Read more »