Writing this site

Quite a few people have written parts of this website, and are part of wider group writing and supporting our focus which is Māori and the New Zealand Wars.

The main writer of this site though is Danny Keenan (Ngāti Te Whiti, Te Ātiawa) from Taranaki. Danny was born in New Plymouth and raised in Pungarehu, attending Pungarehu Primary School [before it closed down]. 

Danny has a PhD in history, obtained from Massey University in 1994. Thereafter, he lectured in the History Department until 2005. Danny’s PhD thesis examined the Native Land Court in Taranaki in the mid 1860s, especially its off-shoot, the Compensation Court .

Georgetown University, Washington DC

In 2009, Danny was awarded a Fulbright Senior Scholarship to teach at the awesome Georgetown University, Washington DC. He taught a course entitled Last Outpost of Empire? New Zealand, National Identity and Māori to 35 extremely able American students.

Danny Keenan

Danny has published widely on Māori and New Zealand history, mostly political history, focussing on Māori and the State in the 19th century, of which the New Zealand wars were of course an essential part. Click here  to see some of his published material (including his PhD thesis) –  Published work   

You can read some of this published material directly on line by clicking on the respective image. Other material will be uploaded shortly. Our aim is to have everything ever published by Danny  available here, directly on line. Danny’s email address is : danny.keenan@newzealandwars.co.nz

Our Logo

The logo used in this website was designed by Erin Keenan in  about 1998, when she was aged about 14 years old. Erin says the logo represents ‘peace arising from the troubled land’.

Erin and her sisters, from left, Lauren, Erin, Philippa and Ngaire.

Erin has gone on to get a PhD in Māori history, graduating in 2013. Her ground breaking thesis reframed notions of ‘Māori urban migration’ by presenting Māori as perennially nomadic, and given to migration, ever since the ancient times, up to the modern era.

Her particular focus was Māori from Taranaki, where Erin is from, and their migrations over time to Wellington; and the evolving nature of their claim to, and customary status within, the tribal landscape of which Wellington is a part.

When Erin’s thesis is available on line, from Victoria University, we will insert a link here, to enable direct access to her amazing research.

Our photos

Bryn Thomas, our photographer

This website also features the awesome landscape photography of Bryn Thomas, formerly from Upper Hutt. Bryn’s main interest is photographing historic landscapes, especially those connected to the New Zealand Wars. To see examples of Bryn’s work, click here – Bryn’s Photos.

Danny's number plate

Bryn now works as part of the security team at Queenstown Airport, and lives in Arrowtown with Philippa, Holly (below, left), Jaydn and Naiah.

One of the family - Bryn and Philippa's daughter , Holly (Ngati Te Whiti, Te Atiawa), dressed up and ready for recent kapa haka performance.

Queenstown is nowadays a tourism mecca and attracts thousands of tourists who visit the lakes, mountains and historic sites.

Some of those sites include old Chinese villages, where Chinese folk scratched for gold, making a meagre living at best. Their interesting story of struggle and survival was depicted in the acclaimed movie Illustrious Energy largely an unknown but interesting facet of New Zealand’s history.