The Fate of the Treaty Principles

Distorting the Treaty Principles  The Act-National-New Zealand First government plans legislation which will egregiously distort the Crown Treaty Principles. Far from perfect when first compiled, the principles were then described by Professor Jane Kelsey as a crude attempt by the government to rewrite the Treaty. It’s like going from bad to worse. At that time, the government was being increasingly pressured by Māori and the courts to define – and… Read more »

‘Indian Hating’ and Native History

‘Indian-Hating’ is the somewhat harsh term (perhaps for New Zealand ears) used by James Sandos and Larry Burgess in their amazing book The Hunt for Willie Boy.   Published in 1994, this terrific book tells the story of a manhunt in Southern California in September 1929. Written by two fine ‘white’ historians (as Pākehā are called in the USA), the book’s essential thesis – how ‘Indian-hating’ has uncritically permeated popular… Read more »