Danny’s PhD Thesis (1994)

Old Main Building, Humanities Building, Massey University, Palmerston North NZ

Danny completed his PhD in History at Massey University, Palmerston North, in 1994. The thesis is titled Haāre Whakamūa, Hoki whakamūri. Going Forward, Thinking Back. Tribal and Hapū Perspectives of the Past in 19th Century Taranaki (PhD in History, Massey University, 1994).

The thesis examines the activities of the Compensation Court / Native Land Court in Taranaki during the 1860s, when the North Taranaki war was over and as the land confiscations which followed began to take effect.

In the context of that Court process, and the huge land losses that followed, the thesis examines the testimony of Māori as they sought to retain their lands.

Click here to read Danny’s 1994 thesis  # Haāre Whakamūa, Hoki Whakamūri.