Waitangi Tribunal Literature

The books listed below are all very good and add interesting perspectives when assessing the Waitangi Tribunal process today.

Alan Ward, An Unsettled History. Treaty Claims in New Zealand Today, Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, 1999.

Signposting the site of the Omata Stockade which once guarded the southern approaches to New Plymouth.

Giselle ByrnesThe Waitangi Tribunal and New Zealand History, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2004.

Janine Hayward and Nicola Wheen (eds), The Waitangi Tribunal, Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, 2004.

Mathew Palmer, The Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand’s Law and Constitution, Victoria University Press, Wellington, 2008.

Michael BelgraveHistorical Frictions. Māori Claims and Reinvented Stories, Auckland Universpty Press, Auckland, 2005.

Nicola R Wheen and Janine Hayward (eds), Treaty of Waitangi Settlements, Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, 2012.

Richard BoastBuying the Land Selling the Land. Govts and Māori Land in the North Island 1865-1921, Victoria University Press, Wellington, 2008.

Richard Boast and Richard S HillRaupatu. The Confiscation of Māori Land, Victoria University Press, Wellington, 2009.