NZ Wars Library

There is actually quite a reasonable literature now available dealing with the New Zealand Wars. The books and other sources listed below are perhaps the best of these resources available, though the list is not complete and will be added to shortly.


Edmund BohanClimates of War, New Zealand in Conflict 1859-69, Hazard Press, Christchurch NZ, 2005

James Belich's acclaimed New Zealand Wars documentary series (1998).

David GreenBattlefields of the New Zealand Wars, Penguin Books, Auckland, 2010.

Ian Knight and Raffaele Ruggeri, The New Zealand Wars 1820-72, Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 2013.

James Belich, The New Zealand Wars and the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict, Penguin Books, Auckland NZ, 1988 (first published 1985)

James Cowan, The New Zealand Wars. A History of the Māori Campaigns and Pioneering Period, R. E. Owen Government Printer, Wellington. Published in two volumes - Volume One was published in 1922; and Volume Two was published in 1923

Keith SinclairOrigins of the Māori Wars, Auckland University Press, Auckland, 1957

Tim Ryan and Bill ParhamThe Colonial New Zealand Wars, Grantham House, Wellington NZ (1986, reprinted with new material 2003)

John Houston's celebrated early history of Taranaki, which includes significant sections on the Taranaki wars. For this reprint, Danny has written the Preface.Theses 

Richard Taylor, ‘British Logistics in the New Zealand Wars’, PhD thesis in History, Massey University, 2004.


James BelichThe New Zealand Wars, 5 DVDs, Television New Zealand, 1998, Distributed by Silver & Ballard NZ Ltd, Auckland.