Remembering our Veterans

Sentry Hill, Waitara, scene of catastrophic battle for Māori, 30 April 1864.Māori  ‘rebels’ who fought against the British Army and Armed Constabulary during the Land Wars may soon be officially recognised.

Recent calls have been made for the government to remember all Māori war veterans, not just those who fought overseas on the side of the Crown .  See here for recent press article – Māori War veterans

Quite a few Māori died of course, during the Land Wars. Many of those were fighting alongside the Armed Constabulary, as well as against it. See here for more, Remembering our Māori Dead. 

It is not at all clear how such remembrance will be arranged. But the idea seems timely and is similar to a proposal, raised in the 1990s, that a special Māori War Memorial be erected.

Sentry Hill, as it appeared to attacking Māori in 1864.

Back then, negotiations were to have been arranged with affected iwi. But opposition from some senior Māori to the concept saw its quick demise.

Still, with all the publicity now being given to our remembering the Land Wars as an historic event, perhaps the time for such a Māori War Memorial is now right.