Remembering the Wars

Lauren visiting the burial place of Robert F Kennedy, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC

Historic sites in New Zealand, or the USA, or anywhere, are interesting for the memories they invoke – if not personal memories, then historic remembrances. ‘Remembering’  – and/or representing memories in various forms – is an interesting process.

The literature on this topic is substantial. Much of it deals with more recent events, like the Second World War. We’ll review some of this here, trying where we can to focus on the native wars of the 19th century.

Published by Alfred Knopf Canade, 2000-2002 (with reprints)

But for starters, as to the broad issues implied in remembering our histories, or forgetting, Erna Paris’s Long Shadows. Truth Lies and History is an amazing read (Alfred Knopf Canada, published in London 2000).

Paris covers a wide range of recent topics, ranging from apartheid South Africa, racism in the Deep South of the USA, and, more recently, memories of war – or the lack of – in modern Japan.