The Taranaki Report 1996

This report, entitled the Taranaki Report Kaupapa Tuatahi, was issued by the Waitangi Tribunal in 1996.

The Tribunal had commenced its hearings on Taranaki in 1990. However, 1995, the Tribunal felt that it had heard enough to warrant the publishing of its interim findings, which were contained in this report.

By 1995, the Tribunal had heard evidence focussing on the Taranaki histories up to 1900, generally speaking.  Later hearings were to have focussed upon 1900 and beyond, though these were never held.

Instead, the Tribunal urged the Crown to settle with Taranaki Māori without delay. Hence, this report, issued in 1996, which set out the case for restitution for Taranaki Māori.