Student Queries

Year 13 students, Whanganui High School, visiting the Waahi Road Cemetry, just out of Hawera, where many of the Armed Constabulary who died during the 1867-68 war are now buried.Many secondary schools now teach the New Zealand Wars as an essential component of Year 12 or Year 13 history, with students undertaking research as to causes and consequences in particular.

Setting a good research question often turns on what evidence is readily available. A good background knowledge of the wars is also useful, to provide scope and context.

Below is a list of eight quick answers to some background questions which you may may have, providing a quick access to important aspects of the wars:


Memorial Statue, Moutoa Gardens, Whanganui1. What caused the Wars?  click here : CAUSES OF THE WARS

2. What campaigns made up the Wars?  click here : CAMPAIGNS

3. Where can I see a map of the wars?  click here:  MAP OF THE WARS

4. What is the actual timeline of the campaigns / the wars ? click here – WARS TIMELINE 

5. I would like to visit some of the battlefields – where are they today? click here: BATTLEFIELDS 

6. What were the consequences of the Wars?  click here : CONSEQUENCES 

7. What is the wars ‘historiography’ ie what have historians been saying about the wars? click here : WHAT HISTORIANS SAY 

8. What books should I be reading? click here: THE WARS LIBRARY

Young Jaydn standing on the Ruapekapeka Battlefield, in the far north