3 new books this year

Fate of the Land: Ko ngā Ākinga a ngā Rangatira - Māori Political Struggle in the Liberal Era 1891-1912 (Massey Press, April 2023).Danny has 3 new books out this year, which are separate books but equally run in a sequence.

The first book ‘Fate of the Land’, covers the years 1891-1912 and is a prequel of sorts to the other two books which focus on Māori farming and the Māori Trust Boards. These two later books are parallel histories, running alongside each other, covering the period 1922-2023.

‘Fate of the Land Kō ngā Akinga a ngā Rangatira’ (Massey University Press) begins the story, tracing the hard work our tūpuna put into protecting lands and livelihoods between 1891-1912 [and earlier, back to 1840];

A History of the Māori Trust Boards 1922-2022 (Huia Publishers) ‘picks up the story’ in 1922, describing the origins and operations of the 19 Māori Trust Boards, which were a form of state-sanctioned local governance for Māori;

Horse riding, Whanganui Ahuwhenua: Celebrating 90 Years of Māori Farming 1933-2023 Revised edition (Huia Publishers) runs alongside the Trust Boards history, accounting for the rise of Māori farming from 1933 to 2023. As a revised version, this book updates our 2015 book, with more chapters and photos added, bringing everything up to date.

Plse see Danny’s Published Work for more details.